Order Interactions with the Environment

Order Interactions with the Environment
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1. What combination serves as the best environmental control?
(A) The first half of the first run
(B) Both halves of the second run
(C) The totality of the third run
(D) The totality of the second run
2. What conclusion can be drawn concerning the animals’ preference for a
moist environment?
(A) The animals have no preference.
(B) The animals prefer a dry environment regardless of other conditions.
(C) The animals prefer a moist environment, but only in the dark.
(D) The animals prefer a moist environment when under lighted
Order Interactions with the Environment
3. What conclusion can be drawn concerning the animals’ preference for an
acid environment?
(A) The animals clearly prefer a nonacid environment.
(B) There is no evidence to support a conclusion either way.
(C) The animals appear to prefer an acid environment.
(D) An acid environment is preferred, but only in the dark.
4. What conclusion can be drawn concerning the animals’ preference for
light versus dark conditions?
(A) The animals prefer to be in the dark, regardless of other conditions.
(B) The animals prefer to be in the light, even in dry conditions.
(C) The animals prefer to be in the dark when other conditions are equal.
(D) The animals express no preference in any condition.
378. Given the data, which do you think the animals would prefer?
(A) Moist and dark conditions
(B) Acid and dark conditions
(C) Dry and lighted conditions
(D) Moist, acid, and dark conditions
379. Of the following, one substance is NOT found within the gallbladder.
Which is that one substance?
(A) α-amylase
(B) Lipase
(C) β-galactosidase
(D) Nucleases
(E) Peptidases
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380. When a person enters chronic renal failure, which of the following would
be likely to be observed?
(A) Increased erythrocyte production
(B) Generalized edema
(C) Hyponatremia
(D) Hypouremia
(E) Alkalosis
381. Which of the following is NOT a section of the large intestine?
(A) Cecum
(B) Transverse colon
(C) Sigmoid colon
(D) Vermiform appendix
(E) Duodenum
382. Intrinsic factor allows the absorption of vitamin B12 within the
(A) stomach.
(B) transverse colon.
(C) jejunum.
(D) ileum.
(E) vermiform appendix.
383. Nephrons can be found within which kidney region(s)?
(A) Renal cortex and pelvis
(B) Renal pelvis and medulla
(C) Renal pyramid and cortex
(D) Bowman’s capsule
(E) Renal medulla
Order Interactions with the Environment
384. Which of the following is NOT a function performed by the liver?
(A) Lipid metabolism
(B) Production of albumin and some blood clotting proteins
(C) Carbohydrate metabolism
(D) Storage of water-soluble vitamins
(E) Storage of iron and vitamin B12
385. When a gallstone is passed, where does it go?
(A) Bladder
(B) Duodenum
(C) Pancreas
(D) Liver
(E) Stomach
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386. Amylase is released into the digestive tract in which region(s)?
(A) Large intestine and vermiform appendix
(B) Mouth and stomach
(C) Esophagus
(D) Small intestine and mouth
(E) Large intestine
387. Which of the following represents the correct sequence of the passage of
urine in a nephron?
(A) Bowman’s capsule → loop of Henle → distal tubule → collecting
(B) Loop of Henle → Bowman’s capsule → distal tubule → collecting
(C) Bowman’s capsule → loop of Henle → collecting tubule → distal
(D) Collecting tubule → proximal tubule → distal tubule → Bowman’s
(E) Bowman’s capsule → distal tubule → loop of Henle → proximal tubule
388. Bile is composed of which of the following combinations of substances?
(A) Cholesterol, bile salts, HCl
(B) Water, bilirubin, cholesterol
(C) Bile salts, nitrogenous wastes, bilirubin
(D) Amylase, glycogen, bile salts
(E) Trypsin, bile salts, glycogen
389. Which of the following is NOT a function of the material(s) produced by
parietal cells within the stomach?
(A) Activation of pepsinogen
(B) Killing of microorganisims
(C) Formation of gastric mucus
(D) Absorption of vitamin B12
(E) Denaturation of proteins
390. Salivation is important for the digestive process. Which of the following is
NOT true about saliva or salivation?
(A) Saliva contains antibodies and lysozymes.
(B) A typical adult produces about one liter of saliva daily.
(C) Saliva contains mucin, amylase, and bicarbonate.
(D) Saliva is composed of about 99.5 percent water.
(E) There are four pairs of salivary glands: parotid, submandibular,
pharyngeal tonsils, and sublingual.
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