The Mongols Homework Discussion Questions

The Mongols Homework Discussion Questions
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The Mongols Homework Discussion Questions
1. Because of the battles of Hakata Bay, the Mongols failed twice
to conquer
(A) Java and Sumatra
(B) Persia
(C) China
(D) Korea
(E) Japan
2. Which of the following statements characterizes the Yuan Dynasty?
(A) It developed rigid social class hierarchies.
(B) Peasant uprisings were responsible for its establishment.
(C) Trade collapsed because of its warlike nature.
(D) It was overthrown by outside invaders.
(E) It suffered because of its nonexpansionist nature.
3. What was the Mongol capital before Kublai Khan moved it
to Khanbaliq (now Beijing) in 1272?
(A) Bayan Tumen (Choibalsan)
(B) Hangzhou
(C) Ulan Bator
(D) Karakorum
(E) Samarkand
399. The Mamluks defeated the Mongols and ended the Mongol threat
to dominate the Middle East at the battle of
(A) Ayn Jalut
(B) Bokhara
(C) Jan
(D) Diarbekr
(E) Baghdad
96 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 World History Questions, Volume 1
400. Scholars believe one possible reason for the Mongols’ expansion
out of their traditional homelands was
(A) economic necessity brought on by climate changes
(B) increasing numbers of Christian missionaries settling in the East
(C) the desire for luxury goods in China
(D) provocations from Muslim rulers
(E) the search for Prester John
401. All of the following were long-standing effects of the Mongol invasions
of Europe EXCEPT that they
(A) set back the development of democracy in Hungary
(B) brought the cultures of Asia into contact with the European world
(C) increased trade between Europe and Asia
(D) made it easier for Christianity to spread to Asia
(E) stimulated the search for exotic goods
402. The Yuan Dynasty included all of these present-day areas EXCEPT
(A) Xinjiang
(B) Tibet
(C) Taiwan
(D) Yunnan
(E) Laos
403. All of the following are true regarding the Mongol occupation of Russia
(A) it lasted for about 200 years
(B) the Mongols allowed Russian princes to rule if they paid obeisance
to the khan
(C) the Mongols heavily taxed the Russian church
(D) the Mongols standardized the collection of taxes
(E) the Mongols captured Kiev in 1240
404. When the Mongols reached Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate,
in 1258, they
(A) were turned back by the Mamluks
(B) negotiated a peace treaty with the Abbasids
(C) moved on to Damascus rather than besiege the city
(D) compelled the city to surrender and assimilated its cultural treasures
into the Mongol Empire
(E) destroyed the city and massacred most of its inhabitants
The Mongols ❮ 97
405. All of the following were reasons for the outstanding success of Mongol
military tactics EXCEPT that
(A) the Mongol bow was unmatched for accuracy, force, and reach
(B) the Mongols excelled at siege warfare
(C) the Mongols devised two- and three-pronged military assaults
and complex flanking operations
(D) the Mongols were extremely disciplined in battle
(E) the Mongol armies traveled very light and were able to live largely
off the land
The Mongols Homework Discussion Questions
406. All of the following are true of Ivan III EXCEPT that he
(A) was nicknamed Ivan the Terrible
(B) tripled the territory of the state
(C) was the first Muscovite prince to claim an imperial title
(D) ended the dominance of the Mongols in Russia
(E) renovated the Kremlin in Moscow
407. Music dramas written under the Yuan Dynasty
(A) emphasized Confucian conservatism
(B) mocked and satirized the Mongols
(C) looked to Buddhist legends for themes
(D) supported the elimination of the imperial examination system
(E) had to be approved by Mongol censors before they could be
408. All of the following are true regarding the Mongols in southeastern Asia
in the late 1200s EXCEPT that they
(A) invaded Vietnam (Dai Viet and Champa) several times and forced
it to pay tribute
(B) invaded Korea several times and turned it into a forced ally
(C) invaded the kingdom of Burma (Myanmar) and destroyed it
(D) launched two major invasions of Japan but were unsuccessful
both times
(E) invaded and occupied Java
409. The decisive event in the Mongol defeat of the Song Dynasty was
(A) the siege of Xianyang
(B) a series of succession crises in the Mongol Empire
(C) the sudden death of Ogodei Khan
(D) the defeat of the Russians at Kiev
(E) the establishment of Pax Mongolica
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